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Children’s Ministries Director:    Jocelyn Williams 

We provide an Infant and Toddler Nursery located at the end of our lobby.    Our children worship with us and are dismissed to Children’s Church prior to the Message.    Currently they go with Jocelyn at that time  where she  ministers the Word on a level that is appropriate for the Children.

I recently had a grandmother come to me and thank me for this important ministry as it was the first time in weeks that she was able to enjoy a message without having to worry about the grandchildren.

On Wednesday at 6:30 we have a Children’s Ministry  running at the same time as our “Life Group ”   So Dad & Mom can join the Bible study and fellowship!  See Promo Video

Discipleship & Outreach Ministries:     Judi Heller

dsc_7047-b-croppedJudi leads our Mid-week Bible Study on Wed. at 7:00 PM  called “GLOW in the Dark”.   We follow the study up with a time of prayer.

What we love most is the insight that she brings to the scriptures.    If you are looking for a place to study God’s word further, you might want to give Wednesday nights “Glow in the Dark”  a try.   You will be glad you did.

Judi is currently working on launching Alpha Ministries within our local community this Spring.   This ministry is designed to help folks who may not be familiar with the Bible or Church stuff get their God questions answered.

Judi has a degree in Christian Ministries and holds a local ministers  license at our church.

Audio/Sound Tech: Adam Tofil

Adam, is a college student at Rochester Community Technical College.     Adam faithfully shows up to all our practices and rehearsals mixing sound for our, Praise Team, Sanctuary and our Live Stream audio.    He makes sure all the music is uploaded on our worship computer and he makes things sound good for the glory of God.

We have hearing assistance devices available, just let Adam know you would like to use one and He will be more than happy to set you up!

You will find Adam in the booth in the back of our Sanctuary most Sunday mornings.

Praise Team


top left  — Tim & Mary,  Terry & Linda

bottom left — John & Nellie, Jean, Debbie

What you are looking at is more than 100 combined years of music ministry!   Each member seeks to bring God’s best to you, so that you may worship in the beauty of God’s holiness.

More to Come

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