What We Believe

This We Believe!

  • We believe that God is an all-wise, holy, loving, infinite, all-powerful, and personal being. He made each of us for a special relationship with Himself and made the world as a place for us to grow in that relationship.
  • We believe that sin separates every person from God. Yet, because He loves us so much, He became a human being in Jesus Christ to win us back to Himself. Jesus’ perfect life showed us God’s design for our own living. His death on the cross was a loving exchange of an innocent life for those who deserved to die for their sins. And His resurrection from the grave serves as His promise to share eternal life with all who choose to love Him.
  • We believe that faith is grateful, trusting obedience in Jesus Christ. It is the way to find freedom from past guilt and enjoy acceptance and fellowship with God today.
  •  We believe that the Holy Spirit of Jesus lives within all Christians to transform the character and habits of our lives. He enables us to love God with our whole being and to love each other as well.
  • We believe that the church is a family of believers who build up one another’s faith. Through the church the Lord continually reaches out to give His new life to those who do not yet know Him.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ is coming again one day soon to bring an end to all sin, to create a new heaven and earth without any presence or effect of evil, to judge those who stubbornly have remained apart from Him, and to give eternal life to all who have accepted His rule over them.

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The Wesleyan Church — 2012 Discipline

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